5 Best Salt Nic E-juices / E-Liquids - Best Salt Nic Vape Juices

5 Best Salt Nic E-juices / E-Liquids


Lately everyone seems to be talking about Nicotine Salts a.k.a. nic salts. But what Nic Salts really are? Nicotine salt is a chemical compound found in tobacco leaves.

The reasons vapers opt for nic salt e- liquids are smoother hit and better absorption and a great vaping experience. This is made possible through the addition of Benzoic Acid in the compound which decreases the PH and alkaline levels of the e-liquid. Unlike traditional free-base nicotine e-juices, which are harsh on throat, Nic salts are high in strength and smooth on throat which makes it a perfect choice for new and expert vapers. However, selecting the right product is the ultimate question. It takes time to find the perfect nic salt flavor that fits your taste and preference. And solve this problem,

We here with 5 best salt nic e-liquids so that you don’t waste time with too much information or inadequate information. Below are the top 5 Salt nic liquids that guarantee enjoyment and an astonishing vaping experience Consumer satisfaction is an utmost priority and below is a list of 5 best salt nic e liquids which provide just that.

These products are rated on factors like brand, popularity, price and of course flavor. Let’s get to it!


1. I Love Salts

I Love Salts

I Love Salts


One of the best things about the vaping world is its innate capability to create flavors and tones previously unthinkable. And a steady beloved among vape fans is an e-liquid mixture inspired by candies. Thus, various e-liquid producers immersed the market with their very own combinations. However, not many have the expertise to get the perfect proportions and balance like I Love Salts’.

Now this is an organization that not just delivers world class Nic salt e-liquids, they explicitly specialize and spend significant time in the best nicotine salt e-juices; henceforth, their products' namesake. Vape aficionados, in particular, really enjoy various fruity flavor brought forward by I Love Salts.

Vapers are immersed with the fresh, sweet, and scrumptious flavors of I Love Salts, from the very first drag down to the last draw. With regards to flavors, I Love Salts E Liquid is actually not easy to beat. This brand has eight unique e-liquids in its arsenal and every one of them is heavenly.

I Love Salts E-Liquids offer Nicotine concentration of 25mg and 50mg. VG/PG ratios are 50/50 and are made by award winning e- liquids manufacturer Mad Hatter E Juice. For refillable pod vape, this is one of the best e- liquids.


2. Secret Saltnic – 30ml

Secret Sauce Saltnic e liquids


Nicotine Salts give pure and much more flavor and nicotine quantity than regular freebase nicotine. The reason for Nicotime salts being soft on throat is use of Benzoic Acid in the mixture which reduces the PH and alkalinity of Nicotine.

This also causes faster and much deeper absorption especially for MTL users. Considering these points, Secret Saltnic is one the best products which provide exactly that. Secret Saltnic is a line of Nic Salts brought to you by Secret Sauce.

Secret Sauce is an e-liquid distributor company which has its roots in USA and deal with wholesale vape supplies all around the world for vape retailers and small vape businesses. If you’re wonder how this product made this list, then the answer is simple, its smooth creamy taste. Its flavors are so noticeable that if you smell them you’d already know its taste without even taking a draw.

The taste of its products is so pure that you will actually feel like you are biting into a fruit and having good amount of nicotine makes it big plus.


3. Salt Factory by Air Factory

Salt factory E liquids


Next on our list is Salt Factory. Salt Factory is a line of Nic salt infused e-liquids by Air Factory. Famous for their candy-inspired elite vape juices Air Factory and Frost Factory created a Salt Nic line though combined efforts. Salt Factory went ahead and introduced 4 new flavors in the salt nic range.

Experience the icy menthol blast of Iced Tea Lychee which of one of the new flavors of Salt Factory. Or perhaps you’d like to give a shot to Crisp Apple or maybe the delicious raspberry slush of Blue Razz. Whatever your preference is, Salt Factory will surely quench your thirst for nicotine with its fruity flavors.

Nic salts deliver a much stronger hit of nicotine but are smooth on throat unlike regular freebase nicotine. However, it is recommended that a refillable pod system or other low power devices be used with these Salt nics.


4. AQUA Nicotine Salt E-Juice



Majority of the vaping enthusiasts are accustomed with the notable Aqua brand, whose products are trendy and glamorous like that of a fashion magazine. But the reason for their acceptance is not just the physical appearance: vape critics from all around the world have generally adulated Aqua's particular capability to deliver relieving draws and a general invigorating experience.

Aqua has recently launched their line of nicotine-salt e-fluids and moved the best components of their "standard" e-liquid business into the nic-salt endeavor. An eminent and notable product by Aqua salts is the ‘Pure’. And as the name proposes, Pure sets another milestone for e-liquids catering towards MTL devices by merging delightful, robust and long-lasting, sessions. One drag from Pure by Aqua Salts and you'll know exactly why such a large number of fans rave about the organization's new pursuit.

For vapers who are have a busy schedule and are always on-the-go, Aqua e-liquids are the best pals. Aqua is an absolute standout amongst the most common e-juice manufacturers of the vaping business today, especially when it come fruity variations. Fresh, clean, and revitalizing, Aqua’s e-liquids have amazing flavor and are out and out heavenly.


5. Cloud Breakers – Salt Nicotine

Cloud Breakers - Salt Nicotine


Have you ever tasted clouds? Yes, Clouds! That’s exactly the feeling you get from Cloud Breakers Salt nicotine e-liquids. Imagine yourself lying on a tropical island with white sands, and the sound of ocean just crashing on the shore, and a tropical fruit punch in your hand. Sounds amazing, right? When you vape the Cloud Breakers’ Nic salt, this is exactly how you are going to feel.

The flavors of Cloud Breakers nic salts are inspired by children’s favorite hard candy, the jawbreaker. Taste a variety of extraordinary fruity flavors highlighting Purple Melon, Strawberry, Grape and raspberry all in an astounding Salt Nic recipe.

All these flavors add up to give you an exceptionally delicious and sensational vaping experience.Hurry up and grab your favorite flavor of Cloud Breakers Nic salt and experience the fruity paradise!


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