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5 Best Vape Juice in 2019


Needless to say that e-liquid is the soul of vaping. We all know that without e-liquids and e- juices, there is no concept of vaping. Whether you are a smoker, non-smoker or a vaper, vaping is a subject which needs no introduction.

The best thing about vaping is that everyone can enjoy it. However, there are hundreds and thousands of e-liquids out there for all sorts of vaping devices. The most common problem every vaper has to face is how to pick the e-liquid and brand that best suits your personality and taste.

Sometimes taking e-liquids to a whole different level is just a matter of an upgrade in the quality. Still, defining one e-liquid over another is a difficult task because ‘taste’ is a subjective aspect and varies from person to person. Vaping seems a foggy idea especially for new vapers due to a never-ending sea of choices and flavors. Nonetheless, below is a list of top 5 five e-liquid brands.

We know that it is important for you to find the right e-liquid. So we’ve compiled this list to shed some light on the hazy parts of e-liquids, hoping that it will hit the right spot for new vapers.

Naked 100 ml E- Liquid

Naked 100  E juice


The no. 1 spot, as expected, goes to the king of intense, and sweet e-liquid which requires no introduction. Created by Schwartz E Liquid group the Naked 100 ml e-liquid provides the best and most natural tasting vape juice flavor you have ever known. Popular for its different flavors like Green Blast, Lava Flow and Mango, actually pushes you to vape better. Other product lines of Naked 100 ml e-liquid such as the new NKD 100 Salt E Liquid, Naked 100ml Candy e-liquid, Menthol e-liquid and Naked 100 ml Tobacco are no less either.

The simple fruity flavorings of Naked 100ml e-liquid requires no advertising, its taste speaks for itself. This product line of Naked 100ml e-liquds has become popular all around the world majorly because of its consistency in taste and quality. The quality of Naked 100 ml e-liquid cannot be exaggerated because its vaping experience is unmatched in the whole industry.

This e-juice will literally give orgasms to your taste buds. One could even get “vapor’s tongue”(A condition in which the taste of other e-juices feels like nothing) from the continuous use of this e-liquid.

This is why it is highly recommended to switch between at least 3 flavors in a day. Bottom line, If you are looking for best tropical flavored and fruity e-liquids, Naked 100ml e-juice is your answer.


Secret Sauce E-Liquids - 60 ml


The cat is out of the bag and so is the Secret Sauce E-Liquids. Securing second spot on our list mainly for its taste, the Secret Sauce is manufactured in the US and shipped globally direct from the US.

Available in 9 different flavors namely; Grape, Grape Ice, Tobacco, Cigar, Watermelon, Latte, Cranberry, Strawberry and Mango, with Mango being the most loved and sold.

Each 60ml of these delicious flavors come in various strengths of nicotine like 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Secret Sauce delivers high quality e-liquids with 30 PG / 70 VG ratios in several tobacco, gourmand and fruity flavors.

The US made Secret Sauce is one of the best top level e-liquid brands with premium quality.


One Hit Wonder E-Liquid – 100ml


Next on list comes the One Hit Wonder. The name is self-explanatory and needs no hyping. One Hit wonder is created in Los Angeles, California, and contains just the right ingredients including TruNic 100% for ultimate vaping pleasure. TruNic is liquid nicotine which is grown and extracted in the USA.

One Hit Wonder seeks to deliver the most astounding quality of e-juice to the consumer at the lowest prices possible. They took the world by surprise in March 2015 with the release of Muffin Man. They have since progressed significantly and have now released 7 more flavors like: Island Man, Magic Man, Mini Muffin Man, My Man, Rocket Man and The Man.

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is raising the standards of vaping Industry to a whole new level. With the most reasonable pricing for the most astounding quality e-liquid, One Hit Wonder is the canniest choice you'll ever make.


Cloud Breakers - 60 ml


Presenting the Cloud Breaker! The next item on the list is Cloud Breakers 60ml. The reason this product has made our list is its flavor. Cloud breakers come in the exquisite, fruity and tingly flavors of jaw breakers and gobstoppers. Jaw breaker is something that takes us all back to school.

The mesmerizing and nostalgic flavor of the rock hard candy is simple a treat for the taste buds and give a smooth pleasurable vaping experience. Combined with the sourness and sweetness of blueberries raspberries and strawberries, Cloud Breakers is nothing you’ve tasted before in e-liquids. Originally made and directly shipped from the USA, Cloud breakers is widely popular is Canada and Europe as well.

This top level e-liquid offers 30PG/70VG ratios in berry and candy flavor. Each 60 ml bottle comes in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine percentage for you to choose from. So pick the one or all of them to enjoy the amazing fruity and candy flavors of the Cloud Breakers.


Air Factory E-Liquids


Last but in no way least, is the Air Factory E-liquids. It’s the one the hottest brands of e-liquids in the market. As a matter of fact Air Factory E-liquids is one of the pioneers in 100ml e-juice line and still holds the position of top e-liquids producers among the top brands. Based in southern California, Air Factory is a Premium E-liquids manufacturer whose craftsmanship and dedication is apparent in the e-juice flavors they create. Innovation, research and development and rigorous testing is the backbone of Air Factory’s high quality e-liquids.

It is no wonder that they deliver some of the bestselling e-liquids in the market namely Berry Rush, Try Mystery, Wild Apple Melon Lush, Blue Razz and Strawberry Kiwi. Tartz e-juice is the latest in the Air Factory e-juice range. Air Factory produces a number of other e-liquids lines including Frost Factory, Salt Factory and Treat Factory. It is little wonder they consistently produce some of the top selling American Made vapors on the market.

LA Vaporz sells the whole Air Factory range of e-liquids at the best and market competitive prices online! .


It is a popular trend amongst the e-liquids manufacturing companies to use different ingredients to make their product one of a kind. But the one thing which is common amongst these manufacturers is the excellence and devotion to produce the best e-liquid and vape products for the satisfaction of customers.


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