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What are Vape Pod Systems?

It’s a known fact that vaping is considered a much more enjoyable approach when it comes to quit smoking and many have turned towards vaping to break the habit. However, a lot many people are inevitably led back to smoking because of two basic reasons: the complexity of the modern box mod and the incompetence of cheap vape pens.

The solution to this problem is the finding a middle ground. This is where POD systems come in. For a very long time such a solution did not exist but thanks to necessity and innovation POD are here to save the day.

The Ultra-portable system is basically called a POD system for short and is a perfect answer to the problem when it comes to choosing between a vape pen and an expensive box mod.

Its appearance resembles that of a catomizer but it has much more adaptability and flexibility in terms of power and e-juice capacity. The basic difference that sets apart a POD system and a traditional cartomizer is that the POD systems are furnished with replaceable cartridges which contain essentially everything you need like e-juice, wick and coil.

POD systems are also very powerful devices in terms of battery storage devices and at the same time they’re fairly cheap.

Now that you have an idea what POD systems actually are and you’ve already tried pen-style vapes or cigalikes to no benefit, or you feel daunted by all the unnecessary buttons and nobs of a regular box mod, it is probably time you give these POD systems a go.

Best Vape POD Systems

Below is list of 5 best Vape POD systems. These POD system are carefully selected out of thousands of products out there, so could enjoy the best vaping experience.


Fit Kit by SMOK



SMOK never cease to impress! Introduced recently by SMOK is the FIT kit. This device stands out as it is amongst the beautifully crafted POD system to have ever been introduced in the vaping market.

Its device which integrates all the features you ever wanted in a POD system. A smooth and sleek structure, 250 mAh built-in battery and an ultra slim body It feels like a stealth device that fits just right into your pocket and is easy to due to its ergonomically designed small and sleek body.

So the next time you head to a party simply toss it in your pocket and forget about the hassles of carrying those bulky box mods.

Its small size (18.4 x 8 x 107.5mm) and built-in battery packs enough power to get you through any vaping situation. The SMOK FIT pod has a refillable tank capacity of 2 ml and supports all your favorite e-juices. Available in 3 sharp colors (Red, Blue, and Gunmetal), SMOK ensures that FIT matches your personality. This POD device is easy to carry as it weighs only 20g.

Another feature which makes it an outstanding choice for your vaping needs is that it is an air-driven pod which allows easy and convenient startup. When the air is inhaled, FIT can be automatically started, producing massive clouds.

The operation is simple and pure as the original experience and you get to discover more fun with each puff. FIT kit also offers multiple automatic protection system like 8 second cut-off, short-circuit protection and low voltage protection to guard you from potential risk With such a small size, extended battery-life and refillable pods, SMOK’s FIT kit is a device that deserves nothing but praise.


Fogg Vape



Next on list our list comes the Fogg vape by Fogg. If you’re thing that why this device has made our list of best POD devices, then there are more than just one reasons. The very first reason is that it not just an ordinary POD system, it is a disposable device.

That means that you won’t have to worry about refilling or cleaning the tank or replacing or worrying about changing the coils. Fogg Vape devices deliver a very smooth e-liquid experience owing to the usage of salt nicotine content instead of regular e-juice.

Available if 7 exciting different flavors like Purple Berry, Tobacco, Grape, Water Melon, Cigar, Latte, and Mango, with varying concentrations between 20mg and 50 mg, Fogg disposable vape stands out in its own category. Another one of the best features of Fogg disposable pod devices is that it gives a very nice and smooth and velvety yet strong throat hit. Fogg Vape Pods comes in a pack 3 devices, each of which delivers approximately 300 puffs.

Keeping the nicotine percentage as low as 5% Fogg vape pod avoids any potential risk associated with the usage of nicotine. This device is equivalent to appro. 20 cigarettes per device and is activated by draw-activated firing mechanism and hence no buttons or switches are used. These features make Fogg vape POD a truly amazing POD system so that you can immerse yourself in vape ecstasy.


Suorin Drop


Next comes in our list, the Sourin Drop. This beautifully designed super portable and compact starter kit is uniquely designed like the shape of a water drop. The device has beauty and compactness packed in a single small unit that easily fits in your hand. Measuring at 49 x 12 x 73mm and a Zinc alloy body gives it a very appealing appearance.

It is so slim measuring at 12mm that it almost looks like 2D in images and slides very easily in your packet. The Sourin Drop incorporates a smart temperature control system and an intelligent LED lightweight battery indicator so that you are always aware of the battery storage and the fun never stops! A unique device as such with a refillable POD is something that the vaping market has never seen before.

This device is not just a flare of beauty; it also packs a powerful battery of 310 mAh which gives a long-lasting vaping experience. The quick charging feature makes it excellent carry on device. Taking about 45 minutes to recharge, the Drop can go all day long! Making you high and dry, the Sourin POD offer handsome draw and a gratifying throat hit as it equipped with a dual wicking atomizer system if 1.0 ohm.

Wait! It doesn’t end here. The Drop also comes with a 2ml exchangeable cartridge to make sure that you get to enjoy for longer periods of time.

The cartridge can be refilled through a seal plug located at the bottom.
With all the latest features, a cool unique and beautiful design with cutting-edge technology, The Sourin Drop is in fact the best in its category.





Do you love travelling? Are you into vaping? If your answer is YES, then PHIX is the ultimate partner for all your adventures. PHIX is designed for vapers on the go. But worry not! PHIX Starter Kit is the answer if you are new at vaping which comes with a pre-filled with amazing Original Blend Tobacco by Barewell MFG.

The PHIX pod is a closed vaping system crafted for safe and operation and minimum inconveniences and maximum pleasure. With a true closed loop system PHIX ensures that there is no leaking or tampering.

PHIX is specially created for smokers as it gives the sensation of smooth throat hit which smoker actually crave and lets you smoke the way you want. The e-liquid which comes with device has an amazing taste and a satisfying effect. The e-juice for PHIX is made by Barewell MFG and is exclusive to this product offering unique taste that unlike anything else may have ever tasted.

The e-liquid uses salt nicotine in the mixture which provides satisfaction that smokers demand. The MLV PHIX features an exterior made from ceramic giving a good grip and uses smart temperature control technology which automatically averts dry hits experienced with other e-cigarettes.

Equipped with 250 mAh battery and giving approximately 220 puffs at 3.7 volts PHIX Pod systems will tell you everything need to know at the first glimpse. PHIX uses ceramic wick which gives it an unmatched flavor. Having so many features PHIX is surprisingly inexpensive and gives a true vaping experience.


Infinix by SMOK



Last, but not at all least comes another product by SMOK, The Infinix!

The infinix is one of the three pod systems released by SMOK. Starting with the basics, Infinix is an open pod system which comes with a refillable tank.

It has a small charging port at the bottom and uses a Mirco-USB plug to charge. The battery holds 250 mAh of charge and 2ml e-juice capacity which gives a long lasting vaping experience.

Despite lacking adjustable wattage, its output wattage is 10W – 16W. This device is mainly a plug and play All you need to do is fill the tank with e-juice and you’re good to go. Infinix is an easy to use vape pod device with integrated with inhaling technology which rids you from unnecessary fire or activation buttons. Simply fill the pod with your favorite e-juice and inhale.

It’s a super simple pod system. Driven by air-inhaling system, a powerful battery and portable size and 2ml e-juice capacity, Infinix is simply all you need for vaping. Its added protection system include; 8 seconds cut-off, Short circuit protection and low voltage protection.

Available in 3 bright colors to suit your personality, Infinix is one of the best choices you can make for your vaping experience and for those who are looking for efficiency and simplicity


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