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Are you one of those who want to quit smoking? Or are you one of those who want to switch to vaping in 2019? Or maybe just a beginner who wants to explore the world of vaping but don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin? Well, you are not alone. Feeling confused is a common sentiment when there are literally thousands of products to choose from. However the case may be i.e. whether you want to quit smoking, switch to vaping or new to vaping, finding the right product is like looking for a pin in a haystack.


In this post, we’ve compiled few of the best vaping starter kits available in 2019 to get started with. These kits have been carefully selected from our esteemed vendors who are known for their customer service and product authenticity.

Below are a few vaping starter kits which are considered the best on the basis of their user friendliness and performance. These starter kits consists the all the basic things you would need to start vaping.


5. Renova Zero Pod Kit By Vaporesso

    Introducing The Vaporesso Renova ZERO Ultra-Portable Pod System. A beautifully flawless and easy to use device which is used for simplified operations. This device incorporates a 650mAh battery, powering the OMNI Board Mini and PCTG Refillable Pod.

    The Renova Zero Pod kit is an all-in-one associate starter kit and is one of the first devices to introduce a  leak proof and easy “Press to fill” refilling system. It has a 2ml refillable pod designed with a tight seal to prevent leakage while refilling. It comes with a strong zinc alloy body which requires little or no taking care of.

    The Renova Zero Pod is intelligently created with a simple multifunction ON/OFF button and LED indicators for simple functions and small grooves for easy handling while also integrating automatic temperature control system operated by OMNI board Mini for safety. With 3 power settings Its adjustable power vary from 9W to 12.5W. It is also packed with an innovative 1.0 Ohm Ccell coil head which suits e-juice and provides flavorsome clouds. It recharging process is also very simple and quick as it uses Micro-USB charging port and is fully charged in 45 minutes.

    Optimized for new vapers, who are looking for a high nicotine vape system, the Renova Zero Kit is an optimal choice for the vape pods segment.



    4. The Nexus All-in-one Kit by Vaporesso

      The Nexus All-in-one Kit is a next generation vape starter kit introduced by Vaporesso.  Designed for vapers on the go with the dimension of 85.7 x 34 x 17.2mm and refillable tank capacity of 2ml the Nexus is an ultra-compact and portable vaping kit. Packed with a 650 mAh battery and quick charging capability, it takes only 45 minutes to get the device fully charged at charging current of 1A.

      A simple yet specially crafted larger feed hole allows easy filling eliminating the need to remove the coil beforehand or spillage. It has small glass chamber in front of the device so that you can always keep a check on level of e-juice.

      Along the sleek and simple design there is the added advantage of adjustable airflow to meet the desire for every customer and the optimized structure for MTL! The innovative heating technology of CCELL Coils by Vaporesso, provides pure and great flavor. Vaporesso also integrated an Omni Board Mini that provides automatic temperature control which eliminates liquid burn that can occur at temperatures above 250, contributing to optimal vapor delivery.

      The Nexus All-In-One incorporates a physical button to turn on/off to avoid any mishaps and an Indicator glows during use to reflect battery strength. The combination of a care-free filling system, adjustable airflow, high performance CCELL coil, and simplicity makes it the best on-the-go device for MTL vaping experience and the most concentrated nicotine delivery system!

      The 650mah built-in battery with quick charging system allows you to enjoy vaping any time, any where.


      3. Novo by SMOK

      Available in 8 different colors the NOVO by SMOK Pod kit starter is simply fabulous and gorgeous. Novo is an excellent choice for those who are comparatively familiar with the world of vaping.

      The newly designed Novo Pod is of 1.5 Ohm. Shaped like a small whistle Novo s fully covered with a cobra style pattern at the front and back. Measuring at 88.3x24.3x14.3mm in dimensions and weighing 40g this device is both exquisite and cute. Novo packs a 450mAh batter with a fast charging system which is enough for a Pod system device.

      It comes with a Micro-USB port which makes pretty easy to charge. Novo is an extremely easy to use device. No fire key or on/off buttons. All you have to do is inhale and the device produces massive clouds. It has an intelligent battery indicator which flashes about 15 times before the battery is lower than 3.3V. This device is also packed with multiple protection systems like 8 second cut-off, Low voltage protection and short circuit protection.

      There are 2 more kits included in this kit along with 2ml refilling capacity. With its small size and easy operation, nothing is compared to this device when it comes to enjoying and relaxing in your free time.


      2. NORD by SMOK


        Another exquisite, sleek and beautifully designed pod by SMOK. NORD! This one is button triggered device with massive battery storage capacity. Nord is covered in a cobra style pattern at front and back not just for beauty but for excellent handling as well.

        So however in fuction and appearance, this one won’t let you down. Nord is an excellent pod system device as it packs 1100mAh of battery storage despite having a small size. This allows you enjoy vaping for longer periods of time. This pod system device is slightly different than other vaping devices as it requires you to press the button five times to trigger the device and long press the button to vape. Hoverer, it comes with an improved mouthpiece which has a lip curve on it that perfectly fits your mouth and delivers a better user experience.

        Nord is compatible devices with dimensions of 94 x 30 x 18.8mm and fits perfectly in your pocket or bags making it easily portable. Nord constitutes 3ml e-juice capacity which is great significance when it comes to other pod device systems. This kit includes two coils: Nord 0.6ohm mesh coil with which you can get faster heating process and massive vapor clouds and 1.4ohm regular coil designed for MTL vaping so you can enjoy throat hit with it. The 1.4 Ohm coil is made up of ceramic which provides greater stability and high-temperature resistance.

        It also incorporates an intelligent battery life indicator which changes colors representing the percentage of battery available. Nord also provides multiple protection systems like Lithium Battery protection, Low voltage protection; Short-circuit protection, and 8 seconds cut-off


        1. Whirl 20/22


          Last but not least, the whirl 20 and whirl 22 by UWell. This Pen-style starter kit is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy as well as keep it simple and discreet. The material of both the devices made up of stainless steel and quartz glass providing a smooth and strong body.

          The size of whirl 20 and 22 is 20.2 x 110.8mm and 22.2 x 117.5mm respectively.

          The small size makes it fit into your pocket so that you can carry it along wherever you go. The tank capacity of both the devices is 2ml and the coils of the devices are made up of Nichrome.

          The maximum wattage of the devices is also same at 25W and the resistance range of 0.6 + 1.0 ohm. The battery storage of the devices is very good, but where the whirl 20 packs 700mAh storage capacity, whirl 22 measures up to 1600mAh. Both devices offer MTL vape and DTL vape system, but what distinhguishes both devices from each other is that Whirl 20 is a bottom filling device and the whirl 22 is top filling device which reduces the chances of spillage.



          There are hundreds and thousands of devices with numerous pros and cons, but these 5 products are the best when it comes to user experience and safety. Whoever you may be, a beginner or an expert vaper these devices won’t let you down. Happy Vaping!


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