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Juuling An Innovative Way to Vape

Don’t know what Juuling is?, Well You are not the first one. A Trend picking up quickly among teenage vaping community. Juul are palm sized vape pods invented by two Stanford Grads as a compact easy way to vaping.

While Juuls are Pioneer among Pod Vapes, its most certainly not the only player in the field with vape veterans such as aspire and SMOK creating competitive products in the category. Juul have their work cut out in both innovation and technology.

What Makes A Juul Exciting?

As vape cultures picks up steams, young adults and teenagers are the major market that have both the incredible want and the spending attitude for the market to become a serious enough contender to conventional tobacco products such as cigars and cigarettes. Vapes need to become portable to achieve such traction. Thus Juul or the Pod vape kit was invented to make vaping hassle free and palm sized.

Common Features of all POD MOD Vape Kits

  • AIO: All in One Ability is something which all pod mod vape kits or JUUL Vape Kits share as a characteristic. This enables them to be more user friendly than most vape kits.
  • Plug N Vape Ability. Most of POD MOD and JUUL Vape Kits have built in batteries, thus allowing them to have a Plug n Vape functionality.  Just plug it in the usb slot of your laptop and Vape on.
  • E-Liquid is in PODS. Instead of Vape Tanks, batteries, coils. A single Pod with Vape Juice is suffice for Vaping.

So Who is the POD MOD For?

POD Mod or Juul are minimalist devices that focused on newbies and teenagers. Vaping is still not popular among them  young adults and teenagers because they consider it complicated. JUUL was an easier alternative to traditional vape kits. Teenagers prefer this innovative way of vaping as Juuling after the Pioneer Product in POD MOD.

POD MODS have simplified the portability of E-liquid or Vape Juice. Now Simply purchase E-Liquid POD and Vape on the Go.


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