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Difference Between A Wattage Vape Kit and A TCR Vape Kit:

Vaping is increasing in terms of followers and complexity with every passing second, as more technologically advanced vapes are introduced to the market. Today we have moved millenniums ahead of the simple E-Cig.

Now, Vape Kits have divided into two major categories:

  1. Wattage Vape Kits.
  2. TCR Vape KIts.

Vape Kits might have started as easy simple e-cigs but they have progressed way ahead of that point. Vape Kits today look like they were made in Cybertron from their design details to their internal functionalities, these are some solid machines. Now for the point, Vaping for newbies usually starts with vape starter kits. These are downgraded versions of the original vape kits, so that newbies to vaping get adjusted to the experience and then move on towards the real deal.

Wattage Vape Kits:

Wattage based vape kits can also be called as direct thermal conductor vape kits. These are simple in their power settings with a manual watt settings for power and electricity from the battery directly supplied to the coil for superheating the E-liquid or the vape juice for vape. They have critical flaw and that is you cannot the heat which means the vape flavor burns out quickly limiting the vaping to small bursts rather than a prolonged experience.

Some of the best manufacturers of wattage Vape Kits in the Market are: Vaporesso, Aspire and Vapour2.

What Actually is TCR Technology and How it Improves Vaping?

Temperature control co-efficient or TCR is a technology in vape kits which allows hi-tech micro controller chipsets to control and monitor everything in a vape kit from its heat to its flavor output. Its a mini-computer that allows the vaper to set, configure their vape kits output as per their liking.

TCR makes it easy for newbies and even seasoned vapers to control their vaping experience and enhance it as per their liking. TCR also allows longer vape sessions without the fear of burnout vape flavors, since the whole purpose is to contain and control the heat circulation throughout the atomizer in the vape tank.

Some of the best manufacturers of TCR Vape Kits in the Market are: SMOK, Joytech and Aspire.

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