Vaping Across Borders | LA Vaporz Wholesale Vape Kits and Vape Supplie

Vaping Across Borders | LA Vaporz Wholesale Vape Kits and Vape Supplies

replacing cigars and cigarettes, Vapes have captivated international audience because of their limitless flavor variety and non tobacco base. Vapers get their required nicotine quantity through a safer medium than what smokers get.

The e-cig mania spread  rapidly globally thanks to myriad reasons. A huge celebrity endorsement played major role in making them part of mainstream culture but it had a lot more to do with ease and comfort.

Is Vaping A Cool Thing Among Millenials and Gen-Z

This is a widely debated topic that vaping spread because it so deemed cool and gangsta like by teenagers and young adults. Millennial are really disruptive generation. They not only forced many conventional industries to redefine themselves but also have singularly been responsible for the launch of many new industries and their abrupt closure.

In the beginning e-cigs faced similar criticism as being nothing more than just another FAD having a “pet rock” moment. This all changed with the massive advent of younger and more technologically able entrepreneurs entering the nascent industry and the introduction of mini computers in e cigs. Today according to rough estimates there are more than 10 million vapers around the world.

Vaping is most certainly a trend that has picked on because of massive endorsements by millennial celebrities and generation Z celebrities.

Some Interesting Vaping Facts:

  • The United States is the undisputed Capital of the Vaping World making more than forty percent of the world’s vaping world.
  • North America is the World’s Most Active Vaping Continent.
  • United Kingdom has the highest numbers in the EU.
  • Russia and Japan have the highest per annum growth of vapers.
  • Malaysia has the largest number of Vapers in Asia.

Vapes are on their way to replace cigarettes and cigars with their popularity ever increasing but not everything is sunshine for vape makers and vape juices manufacturers with the federal and international bodies worldwide devising plans to curtailed and monitor ecigs, vape and vape supplies and ensure that they are not abused.

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