Why do people Vape? Reasons, Benefits and Risks

Overtime hundreds and thousands of people shifted their preferences from smoking to vaping. But the question is, why do people do that? After all, both smoking and vaping emit smoke and uses tobacco one way or another. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons people vape and their health benefits and associated potential risks.

First off, we need to understand the basic difference between smoking and vaping. Smoking is the use of live burning tobacco leaves. The tobacco leaves contain nicotine and other chemical compounds. Once the cigarette is inhaled, the chemicals, including nicotine, are absorbed by the lungs and are then released in the blood stream. Vaping, on the other hand, uses nicotine
‘extracted’ from tobacco leaves.

The nicotine is then mixed with different flavors and compounds to deliver a imilar experience as smoking. The devices, commonly known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vape pens or vaporizer cigarettes heat the e-liquid, containing nicotine, and roduces smoke.

As it is already known that different people have different reasons for everything, similarly, different people have different reasons for vaping as well. Sometimes people take the help vaping to ultimately quit smoking and sometimes it is a fashion statement. No matter what reason people have, following are few very common reasons for vaping.


Why do people Vape

1. To Quit Smoking

It is commonly known fact that a lot people need help to quit smoking. Sometimes people get tired of traditional Nicotine patches and chewing gums and switch to vaping. The reason behind this is that vaping has a similar experience as smoking but without all the harmful chemicals which can not only affect your health but your pocket as well.

2. Vaping is better than Smoking

As addictive as the habit of smoking is, it is harmful for health as well. Containing approximately 7000 chemicals, most of which are known toxic ones, nothing good ever come from smoking cigarettes. Vaping on the other hand is far safer than smoking itself. The E-liquids that come with these devices do contain Nicotine, however, there are a very few chemicals in the mixture and are potentially harmless. Unlike conventional cigarettes, vaping offers a variety of e-liquids with multiple nicotine strengths and flavors.

3. A Fashion Statement

Smoking causes many eyebrows to frown and is not considered a good thing by most people. The smoke produced by a cigarette not only gives a foul smell, it also affects the non-smokers nearby. Due to this, public smoking has been banned by the governments of many countries. Conversely, vaping is enjoyable in public and does not affect the people near you. In fact, new vaping devices with colorful and stylish bodies are being launched every other day making it a style icon and fashion statement amongst people of all ages.


The e-cigarettes or electronic vaporizers are considered as the new and safe alternative to smoking. But like everything else it has its own few drawbacks.

  • People who have never smoked before are prone to getting addicted to Nicotine – an addictive chemical.
  • With more young people using nicotine, there’s likelihood that they might start using regular nicotine products as well in future.
  • Although vaping is strictly for people of average 19 years of age, the vaping trend is spreading rapidly among teenagers and young people.
  • Some vaping products lack simplicity and actually need prior technical knowledge of the products before using it.


The advantages of vaping exceed far beyond the risks. Some of them are;

  • A harmless aid in smoking cessation
  • Extremely low in number of chemicals compared to traditional smoking.
  • Gives smooth throat hit
  • Generally not frowned upon
  • Control on amount Nicotine intake
  • Used in social sports as cloud chasing
  • Costs less than cigarettes
  • Socially acceptable

And so on.

Bottom Line:

Now that you are aware of the common reasons why people vape, it to be noted that science have still a lot of questions to answer. Whether it’s a throat hit you crave or you want to quit smoking altogether, vaping will be a good aid in everything. And if you’re looking for vaping device or e-liquid, then don’t hesitate in going through our website. LA Vaporz Wholesale


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