What are the best brands for vaping?

Vaping is one of the fastest growing trends of the 21 st century. Exhibiting improvements and modifications almost every day, vaping offers countless products and specifications to choose from. And sometimes choosing the right product becomes quite a hassle and time-consuming work.

The markets are filled with thousands of products, each with its own pros and cons. Basically, vaping is a result of 2 major components; a vape modpod / e-cig and E liquids. When brought together, these components create bliss of their own and give you an exquisite and enjoyable experience. As far as the choosing the perfect product and e-liquid through a never-ending process of searching and researching, don’t worry about it.

We’ve got the work cut out for you and jot down a list of the best brands of vaping hardware and e-liquids. Continue reading and check out our list of ‘The Best’ of the vaping world.

Let’s get started with the HARDWARE Brands first

What are the best brands for vaping?


Smok is one of the leading brands in the vaping community. Whether you’re new to the vaping world or an expert of it, Smok will never let you down. Being one the first names to bring forth vape pens featuring variable voltage which allows a completely customizable experience, Smok bagged the name of ‘technical trailblazers’ in the vaping industry. Smok initially created vaping products for veteran vapers, but following their huge success in the market, they started producing vapes for new comers as well. This helped Smok in reaching new heights. Smok is all about options, variety and quality. So, if you want a vaping device with numerous options without having to sacrifice anything, then Smok is the answer!


Anyone who has ever vaped even just once knows the name of Vaporesso. Known for features like cutting-edge technology and eye-catching designs, Vaporesso is not just one of the leading brands in the vaping world, but is also among one of the pioneers of electronic cigarettes.

Holding more than 500 patents Vaporesso is one of the oldest and reputed names in the industry. Focusing on safety, convenience and accessibility Vaporesso is among the first to use the OMNI chipsets. Fully customizable in and out, the products of Vaporesso are not just pretty faces but packs power and safety features as well.

Vaporesso has always paid serious attention to detail and are truly passionate about innovation. Infused with innovative technology and unmatched vaping experience, Vaporesso stands among the best vaping brands.



Vaping is no fairy tale, but when it comes to beauty and the beast, Voopoo is the one. Featuring one of the most advanced chipsets, the GENE, Voopoo easily stands apart from its counterparts.

GENE is military grade chip that delivers a firing speed of 0.01 seconds, making it virtually the fastest. Voopoo is truly passionate about technology and is inclined towards making powerful devices paired with stunning looks. Featuring multiple protection systems in its products, Voopoo devices are one of the most intelligent and secure.

Voppoo is not the one to compromise on quality and exhibits innovation, durability and reliability in all its products. So if you have a keen interest in technology and cool vaping gadgets, you should give Voopoo a shot. You won’t be disappointed.



Aspire is a brand that is favorite among the veteran vapers and the reason is its advancement in technology and sturdy construction. Aspire’s primary focus is its customers and keeping that point in consideration, they make their devices highly customizable so that vapers can enjoy vaping the way they want.

Aspire is also known for its prompt customer service and high-end products while maintain good relations with its distributors. Although Aspire is relatively young in the vaping industry, it has rapidly grabbed attention of serious vapers and is growing continuously.

So if you’re looking for gorgeous products that last long then Aspire is the answer.



When it comes to research and development and a brand with most core patents, Sigelei is the answer. Featuring professionalism in the vaping industry, Sigelei is all about innovation and technological advancements. Combining high quality material and marvelous craftsmanship, Sigelei’s products are one of the best creations in the vaping world. Overtime Sigelei has won vapers across the world due the reliability of durability of its products.

It has also combined production, sales, R&D, and customer service of the field of electronic cigarettes in one place making it arguably the best from technical perspective as well. If you want to impress your friends with advanced and technologically enhanced vaping devices then Sigelei is the best option for you. Now that you’ve read about the best brands of vaping hardware, let’s take a look at the best brands of e-juices.


Vaping is incomplete with e-liquids for very obvious reasons. However, the best hardware requires best e-liquids so that your vaping experience becomes heavenly. So without further ado, let take a look at best e-liquid brands.


What are the best brands for vaping?


1. NAKED 100

The no. 1 spot, as expected, goes to the king of intense, and sweet e-liquid which requires no introduction. Created by Schwartz E Liquid group the Naked 100 ml e-liquid provides the best and most natural tasting vape juice flavor you have ever known. Popular for its different flavors like Green Blast, Lava Flow and Mango, actually pushes you to vape better. Other product lines of Naked 100 ml e-liquid such as the new NKD 100 Salt E Liquid, Naked 100ml Candy e-liquid, Menthol e-liquid and Naked 100 ml Tobacco are no less either.

The simple fruity flavorings of Naked 100ml e-liquid requires no advertising, its taste speaks for itself.



If you desire fruity taste while smoking then discover secret of the Secret Sauce E-Liquids. Securing second spot on our list mainly for its taste, the Secret Sauce is manufactured in the US and shipped globally direct from the US. Available in 9 different flavors namely; Grape, Grape Ice, Tobacco, Cigar, Watermelon, Latte, Cranberry, Strawberry and Mango, with Mango being the most loved and sold.

Each 60ml of these delicious flavors come in various strengths of nicotine like 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Secret Sauce delivers high quality e-liquids with 30 PG / 70 VG ratios in several tobacco, gourmand and fruity flavors.

The US made Secret Sauce is one of the best top level e-liquid brands with premium quality.

Official website: http://secreteliquids.com/


Presenting the Cloud Breaker! The reason this product has made our list is its flavor. Cloud breakers come in the exquisite, fruity and tingly flavors of jaw breakers and gobstoppers. Jaw breaker is something that takes us all back to school.

The mesmerizing and nostalgic flavor of the rock hard candy is simple a treat for the taste buds and give a smooth pleasurable vaping experience. Combined with the sourness and sweetness of blueberries raspberries and strawberries, Cloud Breakers is nothing you’ve tasted before in e-liquids. Originally made and directly shipped from the USA, Cloud breakers is widely popular is Canada and Europe as well.

So pick the one or all of them to enjoy the amazing fruity and candy flavors of the Cloud Breakers

Official website: http://cloudbreakerz.com/



Air Factory the one the hottest brands of e-liquids in the market. As a matter of fact Air Factory E-liquids is one of the pioneers in 100ml e-juice line and still holds the position of top e-liquids producers among the top brands. Based in southern California, Air Factory is a Premium E- liquids manufacturer whose craftsmanship and dedication is apparent in the e-juice flavors they create. Innovation, research and development and rigorous testing is the backbone of Air Factory’s high quality e-liquids.

It is no wonder that they deliver some of the bestselling e- liquids in the market namely Berry Rush, Try Mystery, Wild Apple Melon Lush, Blue Razz and Strawberry Kiwi. Tartz e-juice is the latest in the Air Factory e-juice range. Air Factory produces a number of other e-liquids lines including Frost Factory, Salt Factory and Treat Factory.


Majority of the vaping enthusiasts are accustomed with the notable Aqua brand, whose products are trendy and glamorous like that of a fashion magazine. But the reason for their acceptance is not just the physical appearance: vape critics from all around the world have generally adulated Aqua's particular capability to deliver relieving draws and a general invigorating experience.

Aqua has recently launched their line of nicotine-salt e-fluids and moved the best components of their "standard" e-liquid business into the nic-salt endeavor. An eminent and notable product by Aqua salts is the ‘Pure’. And as the name proposes, Pure sets another milestone for e-liquids catering towards MTL devices by merging delightful, robust and long-lasting, sessions.

One drag from Pure by Aqua Salts and you'll know exactly why such a large number of fans rave about the organization.


This concludes our list of The Best Brands for Vaping. Albeit all the hardware and e-liquid brands are good, but there are countless of them out there, so picked a selected few so you don’t have go the trouble of finding one out of thousands like a pin in a haystack. Now that you have some idea about the best brands available in the market, browse our website and take your pick. Happy vaping!


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